PocketJustice features:

  • Details on more than 600 constitutional law cases
  • Short biographies of all Supreme Court justices
  • Streaming and offline access to case audio
  • Clipping and sharing of court audio

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About PocketJusice

PocketJustice brings the U.S. Supreme Court down to earth through plain-English abstracts of the Court's constitutional decisions and access to its recorded public sessions. PocketJustice is a companion to any constitutional law casebook now in print.

The app includes voting alignments and biographical sketches for all justices, location information for the cause of action, and access to searchable full text of opinions. PocketJustice harnesses recordings of the Court's public proceedings to deliver hundreds of hours of oral arguments and opinion announcements. In many of these cases, PocketJustice provides synchronized, searchable transcripts identifying all speakers. Audio+transcripts load immediately or may be downloaded for later examination. With a few simple gestures, users may search, clip, share and repurpose audio clips. As long as you have a cellular connection, you can take full advantage of all app features.

PocketJustice now available for all iOS and Android Platforms: